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Despite Nationwide releasing its quarterly figures this month showing that for the third consecutive month they had declined for the first time since the financial crisis, houseprices are still on the increase.  Something that we are very aware of at Henley Finance. Here are some tips from bridging finance expert Richard Butler Creagh. 
According to Nationwide’s not ‘seasonally adjusted figures, if houseprices continue at this rate for the next year, property prices will still rise by 2.1%. This is still healthy growth.  Other trends in the economy point towards the strong trend continuing in the housing sector.
The employment rate (the proportion of people aged from 16 to 64 who were in work) was 74.8% in May as reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS): the highest since comparable records began in 1971.  This might have been reported as the job market being “Uber-ised” ‘The Guardian, 17th May 2017) but the ONS still reports that in real terms, wages on average are the same compared to last year.
At Henley Finance we are in a perfect position to observe the effects of short supply of housing.  There is still fierce competition for prime residential sites.  Purchasers use us to fall back on in order to clinch the deal.  They know that they have to move quickly in this market place as there are many prospective purchasers around who will get the property if they don’t.  Property hotspots are still evident in London, the South East and fast emerging cities like Bristol.
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Founder of Henley Finance, Richard Butler Creagh has released a new video about the company and their products. If you are interested in Bridging Finance, property development or investments then watch this video. To find out more about the kinds of investments they offer, visit the Henley Finance website.

Here is the new video:

Keep visiting this blog to keep up to date on the latest news from Richard. You can read his bio by visiting the Richard Butler Creagh profile page on the Henley Finance website. If you need advice or guidance on obtaining your loan to make that all important purchase then contact the experts today.

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Great bridging companies have one thing in common: The speed with which they can get the funds to the borrower.

Many people think the answer to this question is finding one with the lowest interest rate, but what good is a low interest rate, if the funds don't make it to your bank account on time?

I founded Henley Finance in 2013, after years of being in the property industry and frustrated by the difficulty of finding a fair bridging finance company who could deliver what they promised. We do not work on a 'departmental' basis, rather 'total saturation'. We focus on one loan at a time, making sure that everyone is working harmoniously to bring the loan offer to completion time to a matter of days.

Many bridging finance companies claim that they achieve a quick loan offer to completion speed but there are a number of factors that will inhibit top performance. So if you are choosing a bridging finance company for your project, read my quick guide to steer clear of the pitfalls.

The Valuation

Most bridging finance companies like to commission their own valuation. Make sure you have clear timeframes and costing on this. Once the surveyor is instructed, he will liaise with you to find a time to suite you both. A week is not an unusual amount of time and many companies consider this as competitive. Some companies will accept Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors' valuation, completed in the last three months, but this is considered increased risk so will place your interest rate that you will be paying in the higher bracket.

Once the report is written and submitted, it then goes back to the bridging finance company to the Underwriters who assess the viability and risk of the project.


This time varies hugely, with the trend of larger companies taking longer to complete this process as they have more decisions-makers who need to sign it off. My advice would be to keep in daily contact with the person/people that you are dealing with and make sure that your project is always at the top of the pile.

Legal work

Hopefully this will have begun when the valuer was instructed as time-consuming 'Anti-Money Laundering' checks will need to be carried out. Once your project has valued, then your contract is drawn up. The legal department needs to be flexible in terms of acceptable security. They will need to have a 'commercial' approach, driven by the desire to help you achieve your target.

Completion and drawdown

Finally, your loan has been approved and you can expect the funds in your bank account shortly and it has hopefully been a straightforward and seamless process.

If you require any further information on this or on bridging finance in general then please feel free to contact Richard Butler Creagh on the Henley Finance website. For the latest Henley Finance news, read the Richard Butler-Creagh blog. Connect with Richard Butler-Creagh on his Clippings page here.

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How the need arises for bridging finance varies is manifold, but as you take out your bridging loan there should be one thing in your mind: Exit Strategy.

Bridging finance is fast money but it can eat into your profits if not used carefully therefore it is best used on a short-term basis. Henley Finance specialises in loans between three and twelve months, getting the property developer the vital funds when they need it but we have noticed that the most profitable projects are the ones where the borrower has a plan from the outset as to the term of the loan.

Often bridging finance is used from the very start of the project and used up to the point of sale. Bridging finance comes in very useful here if it is a short-term project or if more traditional lenders aren't willing to finance it. Keeping your eye on the sale is the all-important thing. Have a detailed plan for all the funds involved and set dates to reach targets by. Get in a dialogue with local estate agents early. They have a lot of knowledge about the local market and what buyers are looking for and they may even find you a buyer before you instruct them.

For medium to long-term projects - one year and above - refinancing is the recommended exit strategy. You have used bridging finance, maybe to purchase the property because you needed the cash quickly or maybe you have used it to make the property mortgagable. Sometimes bridging finance is required even when your project is financed. The time between drawing down the next tranche can be longer than anticipated and the work has to carry on.

Either way, prudent use of bridging finance can be a valuable part of your business plan, a short-term silent partner. But having the exit strategy in the forefront of your mind is the key. Getting you to your next project is what we enjoy the most at Henley Finance. That is why so many of our clients keep coming back to us. At Henley Finance we have a selection of brokers around us - and our own experience - that can help plan this crucial part of the project and help you keep it under control.

For more information about myself, Richard Butler Creagh from Henley Finance, visit the website. You can also connect with me on the Richard Butler-Creagh Crunchbase page or join the Richard Butler-Creagh professional network on Linkedin.

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Founder of Henley Finance Richard Butler Creagh, 53, has announced his company has had the most successful year in business since it was founded. Richard, who started the bridging finance company in 2013, has seen it reach the 100-account milestone under his leadership. Henley Finance, based in Henley on Thames lends between £50,000 and £1 million making them the biggest in the area. 

The Henley Finance Founder has attributed the company’s performance to his introduction of non-status loans with record speed completion. With its in-house valuers and underwriting team, property can be valued and placed in the hands of solicitors in the same day for an expedited service. Bridging loans are designed to help people complete the purchase of a property before selling their existing home by offering them short-term access to the necessary funds. Henley Finance’s unique approach to offering its loans has paid off and the company now a solid base of new clients and repeat business and are set for their best year ever.

After a 20-year career in residential development, Richard Butler Creagh, who is married with two children, was well acquainted the need for short-term finance in business. He realized that he was perfectly placed to understand the needs of the professional developer and so moved to set up his own bridging finance company in 2003. When asked what his vision for the coming year was he commented; 

“Companies like Henley Finance are now bridging the gap between where the banks used to be and business owners. Since the crash in 2008, the banks aren’t interested in the little guy anymore. Our clients know that if their proposal makes sense, then Henley Finance is here for them.’’ 

Henley Finance Ltd is a specialist lender providing bespoke short and medium-term funding solutions to the residential and commercial property markets.They offer Mezzanine Finance, auction purchases, working capital for developments, and provide fast completion on property purchases with funds available to client in three to five working days, if approved. Bridging loans can be arranged for sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and private individuals. If you are interested in their services please contact Richard Butler Creagh through the Henley Finance website.

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