Richard Butler-Creagh Announces Henley Finance’s Best Year Ever

Founder of Henley Finance Richard Butler Creagh, 53, has announced his company has had the most successful year in business since it was founded. Richard, who started the bridging finance company in 2013, has seen it reach the 100-account milestone under his leadership. Henley Finance, based in Henley on Thames lends between £50,000 and £1 million making them the biggest in the area. 

The Henley Finance Founder has attributed the company’s performance to his introduction of non-status loans with record speed completion. With its in-house valuers and underwriting team, property can be valued and placed in the hands of solicitors in the same day for an expedited service. Bridging loans are designed to help people complete the purchase of a property before selling their existing home by offering them short-term access to the necessary funds. Henley Finance’s unique approach to offering its loans has paid off and the company now a solid base of new clients and repeat business and are set for their best year ever.

After a 20-year career in residential development, Richard Butler Creagh, who is married with two children, was well acquainted the need for short-term finance in business. He realized that he was perfectly placed to understand the needs of the professional developer and so moved to set up his own bridging finance company in 2003. When asked what his vision for the coming year was he commented; 

“Companies like Henley Finance are now bridging the gap between where the banks used to be and business owners. Since the crash in 2008, the banks aren’t interested in the little guy anymore. Our clients know that if their proposal makes sense, then Henley Finance is here for them.’’ 

Henley Finance Ltd is a specialist lender providing bespoke short and medium-term funding solutions to the residential and commercial property markets.They offer Mezzanine Finance, auction purchases, working capital for developments, and provide fast completion on property purchases with funds available to client in three to five working days, if approved. Bridging loans can be arranged for sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and private individuals. If you are interested in their services please contact Richard Butler Creagh through the Henley Finance website.

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