Property Investment Market: The Brexit Effect

UK property has long been a sought after investment regardless where you live. London property was the most expensive. London was beating out places like Hong Kong and Tokyo. The rest of the UK also saw investment, but no area saw the gains than those seen in the UK’s capital city. Brexit may have changed this for now but what is the effect for property moving forward in this post-Brexit world?

Commercial property demands are changing
More businesses are heading online. Start-ups want to work with each other in co-working spaces as opposed to office blocks. Certain office configurations such as clusters of technology and developer landscapes benefit from significant tax relief for both owner and tenant. Property performance is very closely correlated with economic growth and as the UK economy goes so will property valuations. We therefore have to surmise that the outlook for UK property is one in which value can be found by investors looking for income and less concerned about short term capital growth. In an environment within which we are seeing low growth as well low interest and gilt rates the income stream from property will remain attractive.

The Positive Side

On the bright side, occupiers and developers seem to have digested the initial shock: the phones are ringing and market values are holding up as many people don’t see alternative investments to put proceeds into. For example, the bulk private renting and build-to-rent markets are hot and pregnant with opportunity. Funders are keen and active as yields are about 5% net. In addition, Local Authorities are looking to waive the affordable housing requirements which will support efforts to reduce housing shortages. The long term demographics of local areas and, in particular, retirement living schemes are irresistible to investors.

Yes, there have been plenty of reports of an imminent financial crash, followed by a deepening recession. The pound has gone into a tailspin and there’s no doubt things are very uncertain right now. On the other hand, there are two sides to every coin and it’s impossible to predict the future at the best of times, let alone make sense of things part-way through a crisis.

The referendum result was a shock. But more and more people in the know are starting to get excited about the long term prospects for Britain’s housing market and its investors. The Leave campaign may have won the day but in the medium to longer term, the prospects for UK residential property remain strong.

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Posted: 27/07/2017 17:59:20 by Simon Leigh | with 3 comments

Mary Thompson
Glad to hear there still some positive news about Brexit
02/10/2017 21:25:02

Julie Dixon
Very interesting article about the effects of Brexit Richard. Great stuff.
03/08/2017 11:18:20

Jack Harris
Great post! Well written and informative as always!
02/08/2017 22:51:07

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