Brexit and the Housing Crisis

Welcome to the Richard Butler Creagh blog. Richard is founder of Henley Finance, which is a bridging loan company based in Henley. Working alongside professional property developers and investors, we have years of experience analysing the UK property market. Here is a synopsis of what Brexit and the housing crisis may mean for UK property in the future from Richard Butler Creagh.

If all the three million European Union migrants went back to Europe and the one million Brits came back here, that could mean an immediate solution to the housing crisis!  Although this isn't likely, less immigration is bound to reduce the pressure on the housing shortfall.  It sounds good at first, but this along with other indicators like a weaker pound deterring foreign investors could mean the housing market slowing to an unhealthy rate, which we certainly don't want.
This post-Election, post-Brexit world where "uncertainty" rules the day is the government's opportunity to prioritise the property industry and do something positive and noticeable.  Since the EU referendum, decisions were put on hold relating to speeding up planning and housebuilding, namely the Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill.  This is close to our clients' hearts, here at Henley Finance.  Many of them come to us for a loan while planning applications are going through.  Every month they have to wait, makes the project a little less viable.  Delayed planning decisions are often the downfall of promising ventures.  These people are the bread and butter of the property industry, making homes liveable in areas where people want to live, and these guys as well as the big developers could really use the assistance right now.
It could be said to be understandable the Property Industry has been put on the backburner after the snap election and terror incidents around the country but assisting with these relatively simple solutions, in the most part, well underway and near to completion.  In doing so, the government would show strong leadership and underpin not only the future of the industry but the wider economy too.  This will keep general confidence and strong market as we go forwards to the Brexit future.

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Good info, It will be interesting to see how it affects housing
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Good to know!
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Very informative post!
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