Discovering the Jeff Galloway running method

I haven’t commited myself to an organized run for a couple of years now, so it was after I had had a chat with my old marathon running pal, Neil, that we decided to go for the Henley Half Marathon on 8th October 2017.  I haven’t run a distance like that for a while and thought I would do a bit of research this time to see if there was another approach that might help me mitigate the chance of injury.  Too many times, I have embarked on a training programme and had to stop because I had IT band problems or a calf strain. 

During my research I came across something on YouTube which took my interest by a guy called Jeff Galloway - giving a talk at Google.  Here is the video:

He is an Olympian at 10,000m, published many books and frequently writes for Runners World – his field of expertise, running injury free.  What I heard in this video has changed my entire approach to running.  The most controversial part of his approach is that you don’t need to stretch.  It sounds crazy to anyone who has ever been to the gym, watched or read any fitness/health material or spoken to anyone who does yoga.  However, I really dislike stretching and so many of the injuries I have had are whilst stretching.  I accept that my calf muscles are solid even when relaxed which isn’t good, but I was ready to be converted.  

Jeff’s approach is based on the interval/fartlek technique or as he calls it ‘the run, walk, run method’ so rather than employ the technique as just a training exercise, it is a style of running where, depending on your level of fitness, the running is a certain amount of time and then you walk of an amount of time and then repeat.  The outcome is faster running, a short recovery walk, with an overall improved time and – no injuries.  The walking allows the circulation to return to your muscles more closely imitating how our ancestors would have hunted.

I have been using this method now for nearly a year and can say it is the longest period of running I have had injury free.  I have invested in one of his wrist timers which beeps at the desired interval and after a good 16.3 mile run the other day which was very quick for me, even though I finished in the pitch black, I am ready for the half marathon next weekend.  Fingers crossed – and thank you Jeff. Find out more about Henley Finance here. Follow the Richard Butler Creagh Twitter page for our latest updates.
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