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Henley Finance was founded four years ago and is a short-term bridging finance firm that specializes in loans between £100,000 to £1,000,000 for expert property developers. Even though the market on short-term professional loans is highly competitive, we find that the ease of our system assures that we always have better borrowers than we have funds for. Henley Finance is dedicated to responsibly assisting our clients whenever it is possible. We also have a flawless track record. 

As part of Henley Finance’s commitment to providing our customers a better and transparent service, we have always been proud to calculate the loans using a more ‘simple interest’ rate.  This means that no matter how much interest our customers have accrued, we will only calculate the interest on the capital advance. This differs from ‘compound interest’ that is used by most of the banks and lenders where the interest is calculated anew on the amount outstanding each payment period, usually monthly.  So, when interest is charged on interest, the difference seems negligible at first, but over, say, a five-year period, the difference can be significant. 

Here is a sample table demonstrating the difference between simple and
compound interest of £100,000 charged at 5% per year.
1 £105,000 £105,000.00
2 £110,000 £110,250.00
3 £115,000 £115,762.50
4 £120,000 £121,550.62
5 £125,000 £127,628.15

The company’s concept was formulated by founder Richard Butler-Creagh in response to the demands of the client’s needs. The key to delivering our promises is our relationship with our clients and understanding their requirements and demands. Consistent communication is a crucial element that is needed throughout the extent of the loan so we at Henley Finance rely on people that shares its values on business. This makes our processes transparent and understandable for everyone that is involved.

Richard Butler-Creagh had a very successful career in property development and he understands the needs of experts and their requirements on short-term bridging finance. Bridging loans are designed to help people complete the purchase of a property before selling their existing home by offering them short-term access to money at a high-rate of interest. One of the key features that Richard Butler-Creagh has built the company on is the repeat business. At Henley Finance, costs are kept as low as possible in the belief that if their borrowers make money, they return with more projects to fund. As a result, they have never advertised and all business is from word of mouth.

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