Top To-Do List Before Selling your Home

Richard Butler-Creagh had many successful years in property development before he started his own company Henley Finance in 2013. The property market can be difficult especially in these economic times. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, here some tips on what you should do before selling your home that will help make it more sellable. 

When you’re getting ready to sell your house, it’s difficult to know where to start. But a few quick tips before you sell your house will ease everything that follows. You might even get a few more dollars for your former home sweet home.

Here are some tips to do before selling your property:


You should paint bathroom ceilings if they need it, paint kitchen cupboards if the colors are outdated. Consider changing the handles of the doors as well. It is a very inexpensive way to modernize your kitchen and most cupboard handles are standard size so they are very fast to change. Be aware that re-painting entire exteriors can be expensive especially when scaffolding is involved


You will want your garden to appear as low maintenance as possible. If you present a part that is well maintained it will give buyers confidence that you have taken really good care of your home. Make sure any trees and hedges are not coming into contact with the house itself. Ensure the walkways are clear from over hanging branches of leaves.

House-Washing & Cleaning

Sometimes all that is needed is to make a big difference to the presentation of your home
is a good and nice house wash. When these are done nicely, they can cost a bit more than you might think but they are worth every cost. Be sure to also wash gutters, paths and driveways too. When you are about to sell you also need to clean as if the local health and safety inspector is coming for a house check. Get some help if you need to and clean all those surfaces you don’t normally bother with like toilets or inside your pantry.


Take out everything you don’t need for daily living. When you visit a show-home event, the first thing you notice is that they have a really small amount of furniture, but they do that on purpose. The more you take out furniture out of a room, the bigger the space will feel to a prospective buyer. Hire a storage service if you really need to, and use your garage for extra storage. As long as buyers can walk into your garage and see how big it is, it’s ok to fill it with boxes and some furniture. A garage is a garage for most people.

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